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The New ASCII S-Series ServoSensor™

Produced through an industry synergy, an ASCII ServoSensor™ offers an easy communications format for interfacing to host controllers, such as PLC's and PC's. The unit maintains the features of the older 777 model with some features enhanced. The ServoSensor™ motion controller was co-developed by Paw-Taw-John Services, Inc. and MTS® Sensors Division. Manufactured by Paw-Taw-John Services, Inc. in Idaho, the platform for the unique design is an MTS® Temposonics R-series magnetostrictive linear position sensor.

S-Series Sensor

ServoSensor® Description

The S-Series ServoSensor® is a complete servo controller installed and interfaced inside an MTS® R-series platform. It consists of a Servo Controller Module (SCM), driver module (DM) and sensing element (SE) combined inside the sensor head body. MTS® proprietary technology is integrated directly to the SCM. This integration in the SCM provides the Servo Sensor™ Controller with very fast displacement measurements and servo control outputs. Hydraulic cylinders can typically be positioned to .001".

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ServoSensor Software Setup Download
Use this version for all ASCII ServoSensors™.

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