AC651 Servo Controller Card features and electrical specifications

The AC651 servo control card is used for linear positioning and hydraulic servo valve control. It is used with PLC's as a external servo controller. A PLC can control 1-8 axes per bank.

Firmware Features

  • Isolated 17 inputs (5-32VDC)
  • Non-volatile memory storage so no battery backup is required
  • High-speed RS485 / RS422 SDLC serial port. Baud rates of 1.2 m standard
  • Low-speed RS-422 serial port accessible through a 6 pin phone jack. Baud rates of 2400 to 19.2k
  • Digital interface to MTS(R) Temposonics® linear transducers
  • Provides +/- 0-100 mA current output for Servo valves
  • Has +/- 10vdc output capability
  • Dip switch auto-null selection
  • Addressable Dip switch settings for up to 8 axes per bank
  • Red status LED's mounted on the face of the board
  • Uses Euro-style connector for easy installation in single or multiple card racks
  • Can be interfaced to RS-232 serial communication port through inexpensive converter

Software Features

  • Custom programs embedded on UV EPROM
  • Programs written to interface card control through a phone jack to dummy computer terminals
  • Programs written to interface card to PC's through high-speed serial port
  • Personal Computer (PC) High-speed communications board (PC1) available
  • Data presented in thousandths of inches or centimeters
  • Programs written for special applications

Power Specifications

  • +5vdc @ .5 amps
  • +15vdc @ .1 amps*
  • -15vdc @ .1 amps

*When using TransTerm 5 Computer terminal, +15vdc .5 amps is required.

Operating Temperature

  • -40 TO 150° F ( -40 to 66°C)