Metals & Metalworking


The X-Y-Z profile of the grinding process needs an accurate position description on each moving axis.  The Temposonics® absolute linear position sensor is used for precise measurement with ..Grinding

Spot Welding

Precise positioning of the welding gun to the metal sheets is done using a linear position sensor as the feedback device for the pneumatic actuator. Having a position control loop enables the well ..Spot Welding


Temposonics® position sensors are well suited for press applications because of the need of high-performance repetitive operation under high shock load conditions. Today, as a manufacturer ..Presses

Plasma Cutting

The positioning of the plasma torch on the X-Y cutting table requires feedback devices that are less sensitive to electrical noise.   The absolute linear position sensor uses a non-contact ..Plasma Cutting


To maintain control of the spindle position on the Z-axis of a CNC machining center, the application requires a quality linear measurement instrument, free of recalibration, maintenance, and mechan ..Machining

Tube Bending

The positioning of the bending rolls for the desired bending radius is controlled by hydraulic cylinders equipped with absolute linear position sensors.  The sensors are mounted inside t ..Tube Bending

Rolling Mill

Rolling mills depend on linear position sensors to precisely control the roller displacement using Automatic Gauge Control (AGC) cylinders. The sensor models with SSI output and optional l ..Rolling Mill