Paw Taw John Services

PTJ is a Veteran owned and operated machine systems integrator, distributor and repair center founded in 1986.

Leading nationwide authorized Temposonics® repair center for the U.S. and pride themselves on their world class service center with in-house expert product knowledge on their products.

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PTJ vendor relationships allow us to continuously provide the lowest cost for the highest quality product on the market, to our customers, across multiple industries. PTJ vendor relationships include:

  • Temposonics® Industrial and Liquid sensors
  • cables
  • Encoder Products
  • Connexus laser line
  • Bosch/Rexroth Valves.

Although the Temposonics® sales territory of PTJ is limited to Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, Washington, Northern CA, and Oregon due to predetermined Temposonics® territories, PTJ has the ability to sell all other products nationwide.

Whiteman Lumber carriage

PTJ Control Systems

PTJ control systems are affordable, ruggedly reliable and designed with precision optimization. PTJ proprietary sawmill system control technology provides primary and secondary log breakdown systems which exclusively satisfies customers, businesses, and industry specific needs. With our exclusive technology and longstanding expertise, our engineers are uniquely qualified to evaluate your company’s business needs and mission critical goals. PTJ engineers are available to provide top-level design, product quality control and business needs consultation, with onsite installation available. PTJ online customer remote systems access is available, linked to interface to a cloud-based station providing the ability to set up, change any operational parameter, calibrate scanning systems, provide program upgrades and changes which can be troubleshooted using modern technology.


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Customer Service

As the leading nationwide authorized repair center for Temposonics® in the United States, our factory trained technicians and assemblers ensure sensors and products are repaired efficiently and expertly. PTJ is laser-focused on helping our customers meet their operating and business needs. PTJ delivers exceptional customer service, quick resolution and turnaround time for our customer orders and sales. Our valued customer base is provided a level of support unsurpassed by a typical phone call. PTJ offers online remote access 24/7 support on all PTJ systems. PTJ systems are designed and manufactured with the idea of stream lined efficiency, user friendly interface and ease of maintainability.