Curve Catcher

Curve Catcher - Proven System to Monitor and Display Sawing Deviation

Because the saw is the key to log breakdown, the Curve Catcher system is a practical tool to use to increase production while maintaining superior quality control. The on-line system allows mill personnel to operate and maintain their saws more efficiently and assures the highest possible production and recovery.

The Curve Catcher gives a sawyer the feedback necessary to maintain maximum feed rates. It assists in feed rate adjustments to compensate for variances in wood temperature, density and saw tooth sharpness. If teeth become dulled by gravel or other foreign objects, the condition is detected immediately. Speed is corrected to maintain saw stability while alerting the mill personnel to the need for a saw change.

Knowing the amount of deviation of the saw while in the cut provides quality control supervisors and filers with a valuable tool. Operating and benching techniques, along with kerf reduction can all be evaluated with the Curve Catcher. The system uses a special type of sensor, mounted to the underside of the top saw guide, to monitor and display deviation of the saw in increments of 0.1mm (.004 inch). Deviation and direction of movement is displayed on a bar lamp, as well as a digital reading on the main control unit.

The basic Curve Catcher (FCC107D) is a complete unit to monitor one saw blade. With the use of a sensor switcher kit, two sensors can be monitored on an alternating basis. This option is designed for automatic operation on double cut headrigs or manual switching on twin bandsaws.

Curve Catcher can also provide a deviation output signal with the Analog Output unit (FCC107DA). The unit connects easily to a Chart Recorder, or properly equipped PC, to provide a high resolution readout of deviation throughout the cut.