Further Applications

The Temposonics® positions sensors are not only used in industrial, mobile, light industrial, or liquid level applications but can also be used in a wide array of other sectors such as entertainment, tracking of satellites, or monitoring to enable forecasts for avalanches or hang slippings. Further Applications


Flooding in the canyon, shark attacks, train derailments due to giant gorilla rampages, cannon fire sinking pirate ships, wild rides into the earth and outer space. All of these are simulations wi..Entertainment


Temposonics® position sensors are used in unstable mountainsides for position measurement. Thereby dangerous situations – like sudden hang slippings and avalanche – can be detected and the evacuate .. Geomonitoring

Satellite Tracking

NASA Deep Space Network (DSN) antennas are using Temposonics® absolute position sensors for tracking spacecraft activity. With more many years of service, the DSN antennas are operating under ..Satellite Tracking