Scanning System

Scanning Systems are Compatible with Most Makes and Models of Carriages

Scanning Carriage System Flyer

Scanning system take advantage of 3-d Laser Scanning Technology and computer software to determine the best opening face with minimum effort from the sawer.


  • Programmable 8 Boards and 8 Cants selections
  • Shift Report feature, print or email reports of all of information about shift; down-time, log count, board footage and more
  • Scans with 6" or 3" resolution, with scan window length based on costumer request
  • Carriage position is determine by using time-of-flight laser eliminating moving mechanical parts
  • Off the shelf control system components and we carry spare parts for most items on the system in house
  • PTJ Linear System could be upgraded to a Scanning System to reduce the build time and cost of the System


Scanning system includes all features in Linear system and more.


Sawyer using operator panel that controls PTJ's new 3-D scanning carriage control.

Sawyer processing logs on a 2 Knee carriage with 3-D scanning carriage control.