Red HeNe Laser

Laharco® Helium-Neon Lasers

For the wood products, paper, textile, metal, food processing and other industries, accurate cutting is crucial to productivity. Miscuts add up quickly to account for a significant waste factor. Laharco® laser technology, with its many unique options and models to fit specific industry needs, can maximize yields.


The powerline lens, manufactured in-house by Lacey-Harmer Co., transforms the laser beam into a projected laser line even in width and intensity from end-to-end. This eliminates the problem of a projected line which is wider in the middle and fades toward the ends. Quality of the lens and professional alignment produces a line "string-straight", second to none in the industry. Custom optics are designed to meet specific customer applications.

Laharco® Lasers are available in a wide range of models for your best mounting configuration.

The User-Adjustable Intensity™ option allows mill personnel to install the laser and then fine tune the projected laser line for maximum operator visibility and more effective mounting.

Laser heads are mounted with a special shock absorbing materials and are 100% tested to meet Laharco®'s exacting standards for power output. Power supply units are installed with special protection against dirty line current, a major cause of power supply failure. This means greater reliability and longer laser life.

Superior construction throughout, from the rugged Schedule 40 Anodized aluminum housing to the soldered electrical connections and airtight seal on every laser. Every attention to detail means you get a laser with the industry's highest reliability, backed by Laharco®'s Full Warranty.

Mounting diagram worksheet for fan angle determination

Click the worksheet link above and then fill in the required information. Return this form to Paw-Taw-John Services, Inc. This information will allow us to determine the fan angle of your lens, and thereby utilize all of the power available from your laser source.