Absolute Encoder

As with all of EPC's encoders, these absolute encoders represent the best overall value available. Their simplified design make them ideal, cost-effective solutions to many problems faced in motion control and in industrial automation. They are particularly suited for applications where a device is inactive for long periods of time or moves at a slow rate, such as flood gate control, telescopes, cranes, valves, etc., and in machine tooling, printing, paper making and many other industries.

Absolute encoders generate a unique binary "word" output for each resolvable shaft position so that each shaft position is fully determined. By using absolute position rather than incremental count data, the shaft position is always known, even after power interruptions or in the presence of electrical noise. System design can also be simplified because there is no need to perform a reference cycle or return to home function to determine the true machine position.

EPC offers single turn devices with resolutions ranging from 8 bit (256 counts per rev) to 12 bit (4096 counts per rev). You can choose from a variety of formats, including binary or gray code, and from a variety of output types. Also available are innovative hollow bore models that extend the application areas suitable for absolutes.

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