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The Proportional Valve Tester (PVT - 02)

User Manual

PVT is an in-line electrical monitor for proportional hydraulic valves with onboard electronics. It is designed to monitor those voltages which can affect the control of proportional hydraulic valves in a hydraulic system. Configured for industry standard proportional valves (Bosch, Rexroth) operating on 24VDC, a ±10VDC command signal.


  • Monitoring of operational, LVDT feedback and command signal voltages are displayed on three voltmeters
  • Selector Switch provides for selecting the source of the command signal sent to the valve
  • Users can select the External (command signal from the control system) or Internal (a manual command signal adjusted by the drive potentiometer)
  • Power for the tester is provided by the control system or standalone power supply is available.
  • Hard-shell case.
Proportional Valve Tester
Proportional Valve Tester

Temposonic Tester (TT100)

TT100 Portable Sensor Tester,

by Rapid Controls and Distributed by Paw-Taw-John Services, Inc.

The TT100 Portable Sensor Tester is designed to test magnetostrictive sensors. With a 24V internal power supply, the tester can be used anywhere AC power is available. This tester will work with Start/Stop, PWM, SSI, and CANbus magnetostrictive sensors. For additional information and Product Specs please click here.


  • RS-422 Start/Stop digital pulse magnetostrictive sensors
  • RS-422 Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) magnetostrictive sensor (internal or external interrogation)
  • RS-422 Synchronous Serial Interface (SSI) sensors (8-32 bit, binary or graycode output)
  • Temposonics® CANbus sensors
Portable Sensor Tester and Display
Temposonic® Sensor Tester

Portable Sensor Tester (TT300)

TT300 Portable Sensor Tester,

by Rapid Controls and Distributed by Paw-Taw-John Services, Inc.

The TT300 Portable Temposonics Tester is the big brother to the TT100. With similar options as the TT100, the TT300 takes it a step further With additional outputs such as CANopen, PROFIBUS, Analog Voltage and Analog Current. Another feature is the available internal battery allowing you to use it where AC power is not available. For a full description and Product Specs please click here.


  • Start/Stop digital pulse (Differential, Single Ended and Neuter)
  • Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) (externally or internally interrogated)
  • Synchronous Serial Interface (SSI) with 24- or 25-bit binary or graycode output
  • Temposonics® protocol CANbus and CANopen
  • Analog Voltage
  • Analog Current
Portable Magnetostrictive Sensor Tester
Temposonic® Sensor Tester