Board Edgers & Board Optimizer

Our Systems are Compatible with All Makes and Models of Carriages. 

Board Edgers Optimization Flyer


  • PC program will have board tally for printing:
    • Piece count
    • Operational screens
    • Wane allowance inputs
    • System Parameter entry screen
    • Board Breakdown based on value in dollars per piece or volume
    • Proprietary board solution software
  • Ability to adapt to changing market requirements.
  • PLC machine control:
    • Lug chains
    • Infeed rolls
    • Press rolls
    • Edger roll sequencing
    • Pickers
  • Enclosures and consoles are UL inspected

Top Scan Only

  • Laser spots are on one-inch centers
  • Better scan density for snapshot of boards. This increases the best solution for the board
  • High speed data gathering using ethernet 100baseT
  • Low power requirements for heads

PLC Screen Features

  • Display status of mechanical system
  • Time delay data entry for machine functions
  • Machine cycle time
  • Optimizer infeed and edger feed speeds
  • Some operational features are displayed on the help screens
  • Input / output status is displayed on the I/O screen
  • Servo Sensor status is displayed on screen
  • The run screen will also show a trouble message if a problem occurs with the system

PC Screen Features

  • Display the axis motion status, target and actual position
  • Graphic display of the board solution
  • Run screen will show machine status
  • System configuration data is entered through a keyboard/mouse
  • 100BaseT ethernet interface
  • 10BaseT ethernet interface

System Operation

  • Operator will turn boards wane up and position on lug chain
  • Operator will have a remote station at the location for manual machine control function
  • Board will pass through scanner for solution
  • If the Infeed table is ready, the board will continue onto the table, the cylinders will position the stops, and the board will feed.
  • When the board clears the cylinder stop closest to the edger, another board will be delivered to the table for feed
  • The rear pickers will come up for the saw pockets used
  • The expected pieces per minute will be 32 peak and 28 average. This is all dependent on the mechanical ability of the optimizing table and the operator

System Hardware

  • The system control cabinets, operator panel, and j-boxes are pre-wired at the factory
  • All cables are labeled and cut pigtails are left at the terminal blocks of each enclosure
  • Rewiring of the enclosures is expedited because the colored wires and pairs are left as they were when tested at the factory
  • Each enclosure has an identifying placard on the front of it
  • The operator console overlay is reverse engraved, to prevent wear and tear over the years of operation
  • An interconnect cable diagram is provided as well as an installation/operation manual
  • The manual is written to cover most operational procedures and installation requirements