Machine Tools

Industry: Aerospace

System: Sleeve bending machines

# Axis: 2

Valve: Servo

Description: This special machine made round sleeves used on aircraft. The exact nature of the use for the sleeves was proprietary. Two hydraulic cylinders were used. One pushed a steel ribbon into a round die and the other came down to cut the metal. The position tolerance for both cylinders was .0005". The gap in the sleeve had a tolerance of .001" to .002".

Industry: Aerospace

System: Titanium Presses

# Axis: 4

Valve: Servo

Description: A press was designed to mold titanium metal for cowlings on jet aircraft engines. Hydraulic Temposonics feedback servo positioning cylinders used.

Industry: Aerospace

System: Aircraft Metal Frame Bending Machine

Axis #: 7

Valve: Proportional

Description: This system bends and stretches metal beams into ellipses. Using hydraulic servo positioning cylinders, hydraulic pressure switches and Temposonics feedback, rings are made for the fuselages of aircraft.

Industry: Power Generation

System: Boiler Plate Benders

Axis #: 4

Valve: Servo

Description: A bending machine required a control system that could track 4-14" bore 24" stroke cylinders. The bender was loaded with welded tube panels 30 ft. wide by 40 to 60 ft. long. The bender had die sets that matched the tube size and spacing for different types of steam panels. The cylinders tracked within .030" of each other. At determined positions, the panels were bent for determined angles. These panels were welded at the construction site in sections to form a boiler grid. The accuracy was very important for alignment and welding of the plates.