Trimmer Control

Our systems are compatible with all makes and models of carriages

Trimmer Control Flyer

PTJ trimmer saw system utilizes the flexibility of a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) for machine control and a touch screen display for system operations configuration and information retrieval. DC power requirements for all components are +24 VDC. Thus no special power supplies are needed


  • Lamp indicators for each limit switch input
  • 14 lighted 22mm push buttons for saw selection with lighted section for what saws are energized
  • Near end and far end trim pushbuttons and odd length options
  • Pass board
  • No trim
  • Slash
  • Touch screen interface
  • Photo eyes or metal proxies for link and lug counter
  • Lineal foot tally output
  • Enclosures and consoles are UL inspected

PLC Touch Screen Features

  • Run screen displays status of saws, real time operation, trouble messages, and lineal feet information
  • Operational limits, etc. are entered through the Touch Screen Display and saved in the PLC battery backup ram
  • Help menus for trouble shooting if necessary are on the Touch Screen
  • Some operational features are displayed on the help screens
  • Input/output status is displayed on the I/O screen
  • Timer entries if required
  • The run screen will also show a trouble message if a problem occurs with the system

System Hardware

  • The system control cabinets, operator panel, and j-boxes are pre-wired at the factory
  • All cables are labeled and cut pigtails are left at the terminal blocks of each enclosure. Rewiring of the enclosures is expedited because the colored wires and pairs are left as they were when tested at the factory
  • Each enclosure has an identifying placard on the front of it
  • The operator console overlay is reverse engraved, to prevent wear and tear over the years of operation
  • An interconnect cable diagram is provided as well as an installation/operation manual. The manual is written to cover most operational procedures and installation requirements
  • Console is UL approved