Line Shaft Carriage

Our Simple Shaft Control Systems Compatible with Most Makes and Models of Carriages.
Been used on Cleereman, Corley, Hurdle and more carriages.

Proportional Carriage Setworks Flyer 


  • Robust proven design for longer operation with less downtime.
  • Used simple hardware without unnecessary parts.
  • Easy to install (single 16x16 enclosure.)
  • Capable of setting to up-to +/- .001 inch.
  • Affordable.
  • UL inspected.
  • A single cable is provided for installing on the pantograph from the console to proportional valve and Servo Sensor
  • 8 programmable board & cant sizes per species
  • Alternate run screen shows Minimal or Full operation information. 

Please see the Flyer for more Features

paw-taw-john Proportional Setwork Control system