Line Shaft Carriage


Our Systems are Compatible with Most Makes and Models of Carriages.
Been used on Cleereman, Corley, Hurdle and more carriages.

Proportional Carriage Setworks Flyer 



  • Robust design for longer operation and performance which means more uptime
  • Easy installation
  • Parts replacement cost much less
  • Less hardware
  • Capable of setting to +/- .001
  • Enclosures and consoles are UL inspected

System Operational Features

  • 8 programmable board sizes per species
  • 8 programmable cant sizes per species
  • 8 programmable pre-stack sizes per species
  • 4 species tables
  • Backset ability
  • Manual and face 2 and 4 back stand compute functions
  • When changing from mode to mode, entries are remembered
  • Run screen 1 displays knee position, target, board and/or cant selected, log breakdown when computed back stand is used, and system status
  • Alternate run screen shows minimal operation information
  • Multiple screens for information of the system and parameter entry are: menu, system parameters, species sizes, knee/s calibration to sawline, motion dynamics, axis status, timers, and cant prestack building
  • Adjustable software limits for dogs extended, hammer dog forward limit, reverse limit, set velocity and jog velocity are entered through the system parameter screen

AC Control Features

  • All dogging and on carriage control provided by our system; no extra boxes required
  • Separate knee taper block control
  • Carriage log turners or brownsville turners
  • Brake control if used
  • Separate dog up/down control for each knee
  • User defined specialized AC control if required

System Hardware Features

  • Only one electrical enclosure to install. Doubles as the operator panel
  • Touch Screen mounted in the panel.
  • Touch Screen panel is an 8" diagonal color.
  • Operator push button handles, power cord, knee control, and AC carriage control connected directly to panel
  • Operator panel is a 16x16 Hoffman slope front panel that has a flat bottom so the sawyer has leg room
  • Since one box is used, installation is easier and quicker
  • Included in the package is a proportional valve and Servo Sensor for feedback and motion control
  • A single cable is provided for installing on the pantograph from the console to proportional valve and Servo Sensor
Proportional Carriage setwks2