Take the Paw Taw Challenge

If your setworks is outdated, unreliable, causing miss-cuts and downtime, the time to replace it has never been better!

Paw-Taw-John Setworks has a proven track record of increasing recovery from 1.5-3%

Plus You Get It ALL With PawTaw:

  • State-of-the-art PLC's that are infinitely upgradable
  • Multiple species w/multiple board cant and pre-stack options
  • Single touch screen for operation, diagnostics and interface
  • Complete carriage function control
  • Set accuracy to +/- .001
  • Quick and easy installation
  • 30 years of industry service

Here's the math for an average hardwood mill:

  • BF per day: 30,000
  • Increase: .02
  • BF increase per day: 600
  • Run days per year: 250
  • Annual BF: 150,000
  • Average $ PerM: $700.00
  • Free lumber from same logs: $105,000.00